Introducing the Sterilex EZBlend System—equipment for any Sterilex application. Accurate, repeatable, user-friendly performance, right out of the box. Disinfect food contact surfaces. Clean environmental areas. Remove biofilm from drains. The Sterilex EZBlend system helps you do it all.

  • Complete system: Dispense, blend, and apply 2-part Sterilex products at the labeled rate
  • Color-coded: User-friendly system keeps Solution 1 and 2 products separate until foamed
  • Foam unit dilutes on the fly: No more wasted solution
  • Pre-set dilution rates: Accurate and repeatable, with no set-up
  • Fast and easy to use: Labor and time savings
  • Increased safety: Less user interaction with chemicals
  • Multi-use: Environmental cleaning, surface disinfection, drain foaming, and more
  • Custom-designed: Unique system developed in partnership with FOAM-iT to ensure performance

Product Codes

Product Code
EZBlend Foam Unit FI-EZB-15NV
EZBlend Chemical Transfer Unit CTX2V-EZB


Download the EZBlend Sales Sheet

EZBlend—Quick Start Video

EZBlend—Setting Up Demo Video

Ordering Details

The Sterilex EZ Blend System was designed specifically for use with Sterilex liquid products; however, is sold by FOAM-iT.
Please contact FOAM-iT directly to place your order.

Tel:  616-656-9225
Web: Sterilex EZBlend System