EPA Reg. #63761-3

Sterilex Ultra-Kleen Solution 1 & 2 Liquid Biocide is low-foaming, EPA-registered, hybrid non-oxidizing and oxidizing biocide and biofilm removal agent. Based on our proprietary PerQuat® technology, Sterilex Ultra-Kleen Solution 1 & 2 Liquid Biocide acts as a biocide and biofilm removal agent that rapidly eliminates resistant organisms, biofilm, mold, and algae from industrial water systems, where alternatives such as chlorine, peracetic acid, and chlorine dioxide are not effective. Sterilex Ultra-Kleen Solution 1 & 2 Liquid Biocide is effective against sulfate-reducing and slime-forming bacteria and can be used for both rapid remediation as well as ongoing system control applications. When used in cooling tower systems with a pH ≥ 8.3, Solution 1 is used alone. In closed-loop systems or if the pH is < 8.5, the two Sterilex Ultra-Kleen Liquid Biocide Solutions are mixed together at the time of use.

  • Applications
    • Process cooling systems and cooling towers
    • HVAC cooling water systems
    • Closed loop cooling systems

Material Compatibility

Material Compatibility
304 Stainless compatible
316 Stainless compatible
Copper compatible
Carbon Steel semi-compatible
Cast Iron not-compatible
Galvanized not-compatible
Brass not-compatible
Aluminum not-compatible
HDPE compatible
LDPE compatible
Polyethylene compatible
Polypropylene compatible
PVC compatible
Teflon compatible
Kalrez compatible
Delrin (polyacetal) compatible
EPDM compatible
BUNA-N compatible
PET compatible
Viton semi-compatible
Polycarbonate not-compatible

Product Codes

Product Code
Solution 1: 5 gallon 03005UK1
Solution 1: 55 gallon 03055UK1
Solution 1: 275 gallon 03275UK1
Solution 2: 5 gallon 03005UK2
Solution 2: 55 gallon 03055UK2
Solution 2: 275 gallon 03275UK2

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sterilex compatible with RO/UF Membranes?

Not the membranes themselves, but it can be used to disinfect the housings.

Is Sterilex compatible with Carbon Filters?


Is Sterilex compatible with ion exchange resins?


What other chemistries does Sterilex interfere with?

Acid feeds, anionic dispersant/scale inhibitors (limited but noticeable drop in active concentration during treatment)