ProvaStride is a quat-free, EPA-registered dry floor and non-food contact surface sanitizer designed for use in entryways, on floors, in floor mats/pans and around drains. It is ideal for use in low-moisture environments.

ProvaStride offers the most comprehensive claim set of any quat-free powder product on the market—proven to kill organisms such as Salmonella enterica, Escherichia coli, Cronobacter sakazakii, Listeria monocytogenes, and more.*


The Science

ProvaStride’s unique formulation’s active ingredients are sodium percarbonate and tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED). The sodium percarbonate within ProvaStride contains hydrogen peroxide molecules loosely held by the sodium carbonate crystal structure. When ProvaStride powder encounters ambient moisture, the sodium percarbonate releases peroxide molecules.

The freed peroxide molecules bump into the pieces of TAED and react, creating peracetic acid (PAA)—a powerful oxidizer. When the activated PAA chemical interacts with a pathogen, the outer molecular layer splits open, making the organism vulnerable to chemical attack. Once inside, the activated PAA can now inactivate or kill the organism.

*See our ProvaStride label for a full list of organisms that can be inactivated or killed.

Benefits of ProvaStride

  1. ProvaStride creates PAA without the intentional addition of water. Because it is a dry powder product, and does not require water to activate, ProvaStride is ideal for dry and low-moisture food processing environments.
  2. ProvaStride powder becomes activated in situ (meaning “in place”) when it encounters ambient moisture. When a boot steps in the powder, the powder is activated, clings to the boot and sanitizes both the boot and the floor, potentially preventing cross-contamination.
  3. ProvaStride is non-flammable. ProvaStride’s unique formulation creates PAA in situ and contains less than (<) 10% sodium percarbonate.