New Vive product line offers biosafety
solutions for life sciences

Today, Sterilex, an industry leader in disinfection and microbial control, announces its partnership with Quip Laboratories to introduce a new line of products to the life science market. This partnership symbolizes Sterilex’s commitment to innovation and providing solutions to control microbial threats and maintain healthy environments.

“Joining forces with Quip Laboratories is a natural fit in our commitment to drive advancement and develop value-added solutions to protect human and animal health,” said Kris Prentice, Sterilex Chief Commercial Officer. “With the help of Quip Laboratories, we are excited to expand our reach in the research market to help protect fundamental research efforts.”

Based on Sterilex’s proprietary PerQuat® technology, the Vive line of products are EPA-registered and designed to kill and remove biofilm and reduce cross-contamination in vivariums, animal laboratories and research facilities including those housing cattle, swine, primates, rabbits, and mice.

“The life science industry is no stranger to sanitation and disinfection; however, we are excited to be the first to address biofilm to better protect animal health and safeguard research,” said Tim Hidell, Quip Laboratories President & CEO. “Biofilms can negatively impact the reliability of research results, and the killing and removal of biofilm takes out a variable that can dramatically affect research.”

Biofilm plays a major role in the pathogenesis of disease because bacterial biofilms create massive breeding grounds for pathogenic bacteria like E.coli. Pathogenic biofilms can lead to differences in prognoses of hereditary diseases, wasted hours in tracking down the source of biofilm-related diseases, effects on biofilm- or plaque-related research, and inconsistent test results.

Products in the life science product portfolio will all begin with the prefix “Vive” as a nod to the word alive. The Vive product line offers biosafety solutions for all sciences that deal with living organisms.

ViveStep™ is an EPA-registered floor and footwear sanitizer specifically designed to reduce cross-contamination in animal research facilities and animal housing. It is proven to kill listed pathogens and effective against labeled viruses, formulated to add traction to footwear while not damaging footwear, and verifiable active ingredients remain stable for up to 8 weeks with proper management.

ViveSecure™ 100 and its activator, ViveSecure 200 are EPA-approved for use against biofilms in vivariums, animal laboratories and animal care facilities. Specially formulated to control biofilm found on hard, non-porous environmental surfaces, the ViveSecure combination chemistry removes the protective biofilm matrix, helping to reduce repopulation on treated surfaces.

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