Floor Sanitation Case Studies
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Production floors are the largest vector for cross-contamination. Disinfecting floors during production allows plants to reduce the microbial load going into sanitation and turn lines more quickly. Read on to see before and after pictures from a coffee plant that used Sterilex PerQuat® technology to reduce their pathogen positives. Following up with Sterilex dry sanitizers not […]

Drain Sanitation Case Studies

Drains are a notorious harborage point for foodborne pathogens. Maintaining clean and hygienic drains is critical to ensuring that bacteria like Listeria don’t make their way around your food processing facility. Sterilex PerQuat® technology is effective at penetrating and removing biofilm in hard-to-reach areas without the need for hand-scrubbing. The case studies shared on this […]

Farm Foot Pan Use to Prevent Cross-Contamination in Areas Near or Outside Doors, between Broiler or Layer Houses and Areas Leading to Egg Processing

Area of Concern Foot pan use to prevent cross-contamination in areas near or outside doors, between broiler or layer house and areas leading to egg processing. Issue Sterilex was contacted by 2 large broiler and 2 layer farms interested in cost-effective and efficacious entryway intervention that could be applied to their foot pans in powder […]