EPA Reg. 63761-11 Designed for quat-sensitive, low-moisture environments, ProvaStride™ is a quat-free, EPA-registered powder and non-food contact surface sanitizer for use in entryways, on floors, in floor mats/pans and around drains. ProvaStride offers the most comprehensive claim set of any quat-free powder product on the market—proven to kill organisms including Listeria, Escherichia coli (E. coli), […]

Sterilex Ultra Step

Sterilex Ultra Step 100lb drum and 10lb bucket

EPA Reg. #63761-10 Designed for low moisture environments, Sterilex Ultra Step is an EPA-registered sanitizer approved to kill food pathogens such as Listeria, Escherichia coli (E. coli), and Salmonella on the floor. Sterilex Ultra Step is customized to address sanitation challenges for which routine dry cleaners and unregistered powder products (such as peroxide and dried bleach) […]

Sterilex Ultra Step Test Kit

Image of Sterilex Ultra Step Test Kit components in an open case

Quickly and reliably analyze Sterilex Ultra Step activity and concentrations in food processing facilities. As an EPA-registered product, Sterilex Ultra Step is proven to kill pathogens and inactivate viruses. The Sterilex Ultra Step Test Kit is a useful tool for internal compliance and quality control teams. The kit is available for order through AquaPhoenix.

Sterilex Ultra Disinfectant Cleaner Solution 1
& Sterilex Ultra Activator Solution

EPA Reg. #63761-8 Designed for biofilm and resistant pathogen control. Biofilm control in facilities is key to managing a host of related issues including pathogens like Listeria, Salmonella and E. coli, general environmental positives, shelf-life reduction, and utility increases due to efficiency losses. Incorporating Sterilex Ultra Disinfectant Cleaner Solution 1 and Sterilex Ultra Activator into […]

Sterilex Ultra CIP & Sterilex Ultra Activator Solution

EPA Reg. #63761-8 Specifically designed for low to medium agitation Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems, Sterilex Ultra CIP and Sterilex Ultra Activator Solution enhance sanitation and kill resistant microorganisms. The solution combination can be used in most types of CIP systems, including dryers, fillers, evaporators, homogenizers, HTST & DMC machines. It has also been successfully implemented for […]

Ultra Soft Metal Activator

Ultra Soft Metal Activator is used with Sterilex Ultra Disinfectant Cleaner Solution 1, or Sterilex Ultra CIP, to create a solution that is compatible with a wide variety of soft metals, such as aluminum (see Compatibility Chart on the Technical Data Sheet, under the Resources section). Ultra Soft Metal Activator can be used in place […]