If your water bottle can make you sick, what do you think your waterlines are doing to your livestock?

Are you guilty of not washing your water bottle or reusable straw after every use? Over the past several years there have been a number of news articles reporting on studies suggesting your reusable water bottle could be making you sick. Did you know that some water bottles contain more bacteria than an average home toilet seat? Water collects on the lip or spout of the bottle (or the straw) and creates the perfect warm, moist breeding ground for bacteria.

Highlights from IAFP 2019—Raising the Bar in Microbial Control

The International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) Annual Meeting and Expo is always one of the highlights of Sterilex’s year, and the 2019 iteration did not disappoint. This meeting provides countless opportunities for attendees to network, discuss the latest issues in food safety, and discover new solutions to move business and food safety efforts forward. We’ve recapped some of our favorite moments from Louisville on the blog.

Controlling Biofilm
In Food Plants

5 Ways to Manage Biofilm in Food Processing Environments Biofilm is a persistent threat in food processing environments. It is the root cause of 60% of foodborne disease outbreaks. Managing biofilm is a key part of any good food safety plan. Fully removing biofilm from surfaces—not just killing the organisms within the biofilm—is the best […]