Based on patented PerQuat technology, ViveSecure 100 and its activator, ViveSecure 200, are EPA-approved for use against biofilm in vivariums and animal laboratories including those housing cows, swine, primates, rabbits and mice. Specially formulated to control biofilm found on hard, non-porous environmental surfaces including those found in animal laboratories, the ViveSecure combinational chemistry removes protective biofilm matrix helping to reduce repopulation on treated surfaces. It also effectively removes biofilm in hard-to-reach areas such as gaskets, probes, filling equipment, etc.

ViveSecure Kills
and Removes Biofilm

ViveSecure 100 and ViveSecure 200 utilize PerQuat technology to attack bacteria where they live—in biofilms. This powerful technology is designed to penetrate and remove biofilms from hard surfaces in addition to killing the bacteria* that live in biofilms.


ViveSecure Data Sheet

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Proprietary Technology

Patented PerQuat technology has the unique ability to penetrate and remove biofilms and simultaneously kill pathogens.


Proven to kill pathogens and effective against viruses such as Mouse parvovirus** and Murine minute virus**
**Claim pending in California

Biofilm Control

Formulated to kill 99.9999% of biofilm bacteria* while penetrating and removing biofilm on hard, non-porous surfaces.
* Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus

Ease of Use

Easy to mix and use as a foam, soaking solution or spray that can also be circulated through systems.