For years, many research facilities have relied on liquid bleach-filled footbaths to reduce cross-contamination. However, liquid bleach has three primary issues:

  • Liquid bleach breaks down outsoles of footwear.
  • Liquid bleach efficacy can’t be easily verified.
  • Liquids can be a slipping hazard.

That’s why Quip Labs and Sterilex have joined forces to create ViveStep. Based on proprietary PerQuat® chemistry, ViveStep is applied dry and designed to sanitize floors and boots—and reduce cross-contamination—in animal research facilities including those housing cows, swine, primates and rabbits.

Why Choose ViveStep

Unlike bleach and other liquid footbath sanitizers, ViveStep has excellent material compatibility and won’t break down footwear. It also doesn’t increase the risk of slipping injuries. ViveStep is odorless and provides lasting protection with easily verifiable active ingredients that remain stable for up to 8 weeks with proper management.



ViveStep Data Sheet

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Proprietary Technology

Based on patented PerQuat technology that is proven to enhance biosecurity programs.


Proven to kill pathogens and effective against viruses: Campylobacter jejuni, Cronobacter sakazakii, Escherichia coli, Salmonella enterica, Avian influenza A, Feline calicivirus, Newcastle disease virus, PED virus, PRRS virus, Rotavirus

Excellent Material Compatibility

Formulated to add traction, reducing the risk of slipping injuries. Won’t break down footwear.

Verifiable Active Ingredients

Verifiable active ingredients remain stable for up to 8 weeks with proper management.

Odorless + Low Dust

Lack of odor and low dust profile provide for a better user experience.