EZBlend® Foam Unit

EZBlend Chemical Transfer Unit

Product Description

Equipment for any Sterilex application.
Accurate, repeatable, user-friendly performance, right out of the box – Introducing the Sterilex EZBlend System.
Disinfect food contact surfaces.  Clean environmental areas.  Remove biofilm from drains.  The Sterilex EZBlend system helps you do it all.

Complete system – dispense, blend, and apply 2-part Sterilex products at the labeled rate
Color-coded – user-friendly system keeps Solution 1 and 2 products separate until foamed
Foam unit dilutes on the fly – no more wasted solution
Pre-set dilution rates – accurate and repeatable, with no set-up
Fast and easy to use – labor and time savings
Increased safety – less user interaction with chemicals
Multi-use – environmental cleaning, surface disinfection, drain foaming, and more
Custom designed – unique system developed in partnership with FOAM-iT to ensure performance

EZBlend – Quick Start Video

EZBlend – Setting Up Demo Video


Ordering Details

The Sterilex EZ Blend System was designed specifically for use with Sterilex liquid products; however, is sold by FOAM-iT.
Please contact FOAM-iT directly to place your order.

Ordering information is provided below:

EZBlend Foam Unit


  • Pre-set to dilute Sterilex products at labeled range of 1:1:10 to 1:1:8 – no set-up required
  • No need to pre-mix solution – only activate what you use, as you use it
  • Includes two 5 gallon chemical jugs
  • Save time with fewer chemical refills – two 5 gallon jugs of concentrate will make 45-50 gallons (170-189 liters) of solution.  Just refill the water tank and keep foaming
  • Foam wand with fan tip for efficient surface coverage – ideal for environmental cleaning and disinfecting food contact surfaces
  • Quick connects for compatibility with drain foaming attachments

EZBlend Chemical Transfer Unit



  • Transfer Sterilex solutions from drums to EZBlend Foam Unit without drum pumps
  • User-friendly color coding corresponds to Sterilex Solution 1 and 2 products*
  • Transfer at up to 3.5 gal/min (13.2 l/min)
  • Viton pump seals for compatibility with Sterilex products
  • Tool-free pump changes with our quick change pump bracket
  • Chemically-resistant TPE hose
  • Weighted suction line with filter and check valve
  • Air regulator with filter
  • Strain relief on the discharge hose
  • Activation by trigger gun


*Refer to Solution 1 and 2 drum labels for directions for use, precautionary statements, first aid, storage, and disposal instructions.

US Products

  • Acceptable Products
  • Sterilex Ultra Disinfectant Cleaner Solution 1
  • Sterilex Ultra CIP
  • Acceptable Products
  • Sterilex Ultra Activator Solution
  • Ultra Soft Metal Activator


Canadian Products

  • Acceptable Products
  • Sterilex Ultra-Kleen Solution: SOLUTION 1
  • Sterilex Ultra Soft Metal Disinfectant Cleaner
  • Acceptable Products
  • Sterilex Ultra-Kleen Solution: Solution 2
  • Sterilex Ultra Soft Metal Activator



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* The content provided on this webpage is provided for informational purposes only and does not supersede the product label requirements. Approved label claims may vary depending on geography, use site, organism, or other factors. Always refer to the product label for complete directions for use.
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