Sterilex® Ultra-Kleen Solution 1 Liquid Biocide

Sterilex® Ultra-Kleen Solution 2 Liquid Biocide

Product Description

EPA Reg. #63761-3

Sterilex Ultra-Kleen  Solution 1 & 2 Liquid Biocide is low-foaming, EPA registered, hybrid non-oxidizing biocide, oxidizing biocide, and biofilm removal agent. Based on our proprietary PerQuat® technology, Sterilex Ultra- Kleen Solution 1 & 2 Liquid Biocide acts as a biocide and biofilm removal agent that rapidly eliminates resistant organisms, biofilm, mold, and algae from industrial water systems, where alternatives such as chlorine, peracetic acid, and chlorine dioxide are not effective. Sterilex Ultra-KleenSolution 1 & 2 Liquid Biocide is effective against sulfate-reducing and slime-forming bacteria and can be used for both rapid remediation as well as ongoing system control applications. When used in cooling tower systems with a pH ≥ 8.5, Solution 1 is used alone. In closed loop systems or if the pH is < 8.5, the two Sterilex Ultra-Kleen Liquid Biocide Solutions are mixed together at the time of use.

This product is powered by PerQuat® technology

Industries:   Water Treatment



304 StainlessCompatibleHDPECompatible
316 StainlessCompatibleLDPECompatible
Carbon SteelSemi Compatible1PolypropyleneCompatible
Cast IronNot Compatible3PVCCompatible
GalvanizedNot CompatibleTeflonCompatible
BrassNot CompatibleKalrezCompatible
AluminumNot CompatibleDelrin (polyacetal)Compatible
VitonSemi Compatible2
PolycarbonateNot Compatible
  • 1 Minimal rusting observed, same compatibility as water
  • 2 Decompisition observed after 3 days continuously (4,320 minutes)
  • 3 Can cause rusting on clean cast iron surfaces (similar to water)


Ultra - Kleen Solution 1 Liquid BiocideEPA Reg. #: 63761-3
Form Liquid
Spec. Grav. (20ºC)1.0 - 1.03
pH at 1% solution3.01 - 5.86

Ultra - Kleen Solution 2 Liquid Biocide  
Form Liquid
Specific Gravity1.15 - 1.20
pH at 1% solution11 - 14

Product Codes

Ultra - Kleen Solution 1 Liquid BiocideProduct Codes
5 gallon03005UK1
55 gallon03055UK1
275 gallon03275UK1

Ultra - Kleen Solution 2 Liquid BiocideProduct Codes
5 gallon03005UK2
55 gallon03055UK2
275 gallon03275UK2

Product Videos

Ultra-Kleen Liquid Biocide: Using in Industrial Water Systems

Sterilex Ultra-Kleen Liquid Biocide: Using as Cooling Tower Biocide

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