Eliminating Listeria Positives in Drains at Large Turkey Processor


Consistent Listeria positives in drains and trunk lines.


Sterilex was contacted by a large turkey processor who could not get rid of Listeria positives in drains with conventional sanitation methods.


The standard operating procedure for drain sanitation at the plant involved scrubbing each drain nightly with a chlorinated alkaline cleaner. One member of the sanitation crew was dedicated to manually cleaning every drain in the facility. Plant still had positives in drains.


Sterilex proposed the following actions:

  • Utilize the Sterilex drain sanitation program nightly by using Sterilex Ultra Kleen Solutions 1 & 2 in a 15 gallon air operated tank foamer with 12” drain foam attachment.
  • Take 30 seconds to pump Sterilex foam into the drain and several feet into the drain line.


  • All positives eliminated from drains
  • Plant has saved money by using Sterilex drain program, eliminating the need todedicate a member of the sanitation crew to drains. Time to treat drains in the plant has decreased from several hours to 30 minutes by eliminating the need to manually scrub
  • Plant has used drain program nightly for three years
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