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Key Sales Contacts by Region

Food Processing Contacts

Adam Esser
Regional Sales Manager, Mideast
Canada – Ontario | Quebec


Tracy Fink
Regional Sales Manager, Midwest

Micah Gwartney
Business Development Manager, Protein

Tyler Mattson
Regional Sales Manager, East
Canada – Nova Scotia | New Brunswick |
Prince Edward Island


Stefan Wright
Regional Sales Manager, Midsouth

Ashley McEnulty
Regional Sales Manager,West
Canada – British Columbia | Alberta


Animal Health

Paula Courtney
Director, Animal Health
Godley, TX

Brent McClung
Account Specialist, Animal Health

Sales Leadership

Katie Moore
Senior Director, Sales

Contact Info

Sterilex products are sold through distribution either under the Sterilex brand name or under private label. In 2015, Sterilex was granted trademark and regulatory approvals in Canada.  However, a number of our products have different names in Canada. Please contact us for a complete list of distributors and to learn where you can purchase Sterilex products.

We provide only the highest-quality products to advance your cleaning and sanitation program.  We remain committed to providing superior customer service and training. Sterilex products are available in the US as well as several international locations. For more information, contact us at +1.800.511.1659 or use this form.  A representative will respond to your request within 24 hours.

111 Lake Front Drive, Hunt Valley, MD 21030

9:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern – weekdays

Shira Kramer
Chairwoman & Founder

Alex Josowitz

Faith Insley
Director, Customer Service

Bob Forner
Director, Marketing


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